Meet The Chef

Chef Shteryo YurukovChef Shteryo Yurukov

Chef and Proprietor Shteryo Yurukov has been working in Westport and other points in Mayo over the past dozen years but Sage is first time he gets to put his name over the door along with his partner in life Eva who looks after the front of house. Worked in few of the top restaurants and chefs in Bulgaria helped him broaden his experience into french and international cuisine.
 A graduate of GMIT Galway  BA in Advanced Culinary Arts he is delighted that he met great professionals and people like Frank O'Connor, Mary Reedy and Luis Smith.

'Food is passion for me and and the challenge is in balancing the combination of different and unusual  flavours into dishes' he often likes to say and you can see that in his dishes full of lots different flavour and colours.
'I love everything about food ingredients  colour  aroma preparation and  the best part of  dining  customer's faces and feedback' he says.

Shteryo is perfectionist and his biggest challenge is time as he loves cooking, looking after his herbs in the garden, enjoys equally seaweed and mushroom foraging as he is able to see his own fresh ingredients transforming dishes and flavours.

We at Sage absolutely agree with Michael Broadbent's thought the 'Food must be enjoyed at a slow pace in good company and good wine'

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